Communications in Organizations

Mic-iconAttendees are the students of the Communications Studies Department –
The Communication Experience for the Fall Semester


She will bring her vast experience of nearly 20 years of working with various organizations, collaborating efforts, need for authentically showing up in everything you do. She will infuse the students with the belief that they can achieve anything they set their minds to and that communication is key.  Who and how we interact, daily, can determine success.  With the understanding that success comes in all shapes and sizes and is completely personal, the opportunities that come our way are for a purpose.

Students will walk away with

  • Understanding that everyone we meet, work with, work for has a purpose in life and the advancement of success
  • Identifying what they can do to serve other organizations in their own community
  • Key communication factors and how they determine ongoing success in personal or business arena
  • Identifying the possibility of taking what they are passionate about, making a difference in a job they are at or how it can develop into a thriving business of their own