Empowered Champion Summit

Hello Champion!

You are invited to the Empowered Champion Summit. My heart’s desire for this summit is to empower individuals to connect/reconnect with their authentic self and unlock the energy to break through and quickly create results to Live Like a Champion. With all the changes and life interruptions (good and challenging) this past year, I have seen the need for a new or renewed focus and reminder of the champion we already are. The featured speakers have amazing insight, experience and results to share. I can’t wait for you to meet them.



I have defined The Way of the Champion to mean “you choose excellence as your driving force. It means you are up for a challenge and ready to overcome it, no matter how tough. Champions have the ability to focus their vision to make it a reality, in spite of challenges or obstacles that come. A champion will push themselves because they are determined not to be held down. Champion means one is brave, courageous, confident, and not afraid to pursue the uncertain. A champion is actually living life full out with passion and on purpose.” ~ Michele Modellas

The event has ended but you can still register to receive the recordings!