Who We Are

Michele is a woman with an intense heart for relationship. She deeply cares about people and values their place in her life. She treasures her time with people around her, and values and invests in them. She is incredibly giving and kind.

Michele is also very brave and adventurous. She is always up to life’s challenge, and loves the thrill of the unknown. Trying new things keeps her life exciting, is a way to constantly be challenging herself to keep growing and learning throughout life. She develops a wide net of life experience and wisdom, by getting out there and living.

Michele is very aware of her desire to live a meaningful life that will have a positive and lasting impact on others.  Living her purpose in life with passion, health and happiness is vital. She strives to leave behind a legacy that will leave the world a better place. She desires to be an inspirational force that causes others to live a rich and full life.

Michele has the rare ability to focus her vision and make it a reality. She knows how to buckle down, put in the work, and make her goals a reality. She is determined, strong, faithful, loyal, dedicated, and very motivated. She is a wonderful person to partner with because she can be relied on to deliver and make things happen.

Michele has an eye for the unique and beautiful. She treasures the timeless natural beauty all around us. She loves the simple, classic, uncomplicatedly beautiful things of this world.