The Easy Way Out is to Quit

February 6, 2018 | Michele Modellas

The Easy Way Out is to Quit

It’s easy to give in to a Set Back…but we didn’t come here to be average

Not everything works out as we want. But, our goals and our dreams don’t care how we feel.   Do you get discouraged and want to say “forget it” when you are working on a goal and experience a set back before achieving it?  Life will throw some pretty swift curve balls just when you least expect it. My friend, that is the time to stay on track and glue that goal to your eyelids.

We can lay out our best plan and it can come together perfectly.  But, sometimes things don’t always work out as we would like. This could be a personal change, a work goal , a health/fitness goal, or anything that we desire to better. The easy way to handle an interruption is let it go and throw away that goal or dream. I guarantee if you chose the route of throwing it away, just because things got tough, you will have an unsatisfied longing.

Instead of throwing away the goal or dream, commit to a plan to overcome and press through.  Even the toughest of any will experience a set back and many times it arrives just as we are about to do something great.

Try this simple process to push through a set back:

  1. Take a break and take a breath
  2. Acknowledge you are experiencing a temporary set back
  3. Regroup and think about what you are seeking to achieve
  4. Envision what that goal looks and feels like
  5. “Pick yourself up” and do one thing that would move you in the direction of your goal or dream
  6. Celebrate that you pushed through and didn’t let your feelings dictate your future
  7. Repeat, if necessary

When we stop and step away from a situation that hasn’t gone in the direction we were aiming for, we can re-assess without getting caught up in negativity.  Sometimes it can be easy to go in a negative direction. It’s at that moment we need to take hold of our emotions and feelings and turn the other way. Quickly!  We can then have the ability to refocus and reset our intentions. When we take hold of our emotions and direct them to where we want them to go, the setback becomes more manageable.  After all, “a setback is a set up for a comeback” ~ TD Jakes.

The way we come back is to remember the clear vision of the goal or dream and take action! What one thing could we do to move us forward to get closer to that goal or dream? When we can push through and do at least one thing, we can celebrate. We celebrate that in the midst of being “uncomfortable”, we don’t let that further set us back.

Just remember, “It’s the days when the body aches, the desire is low, you feel tired and you feel weak…Those are the days when champions train” ~ unknown.  So, regardless of how we feel, we pick ourselves up and get back in the game and go after that goal or dream. The cliché that life begins when we step out of our comfort zone speaks truth.

The time is now.  Lets Go Champions!