To the Finish Line… Prepared ~ Encouraged ~ Determined

October 29, 2016 | Michele Modellas

To the Finish Line… Prepared ~ Encouraged ~ Determined

It goes without saying that struggles, challenges and just plain life can come up against you when you are on course. It’s those times when you have to keep moving at your pace and not compare yourself to anyone else.  Maintain your integrity, keep your passion and purpose.  I hold close this mantra I made up years ago, “I won’t let nothing or no one take me out! This journey is not in vain…I’m Staying Strong and Focused in ALL circumstances. I have one life and I’m Loving it!”

“You are so much more capable than you even realize.  When your body wants to quit, you have to overcome that with your mind and push yourself harder”.  My former triathlon trainer, Rachelle, inspired me on a whole different level with these words when I was comparing myself to others who seemed to be “passing me up” with their timing one day out on the bike trail.  I held onto these words when I would get tired and wanted to slow my pace.  “You are not being fair to yourself if you only compare yourself to the ones passing you and you don’t see your own success when you are passing up others. Everyone is at a different phase of training”.

Isn’t life a training ground?  You see what your “reserves” consist of when you have to face challenges.  That deems the question, what is it you store in your reserves to draw upon to make it to your finish line in life…or the goal you are facing now?  Walking through tough times reveals one’s true character. What and who do you rely on?

“One thing about you, Michele, is that even with so many challenges you have and are going through, you look for the positive and aren’t afraid to try new things to make yourself a better person”, said a friend of mine one day after a swim, bike and run training day. Determination to press through to make your dreams come alive, whether personal or professional, is vital. Finding people who have paved the way and achieved the type of success you are looking for is key to moving forward.

When you realize you are no longer satisfied with being complacent doing and living as others think you should and you know deep within your soul you are pursuing your God given purpose and passion, that’s when your life will be opened to experience fulfillment. But, experiencing tougher times and growing in the process makes the “easy” times that much sweeter!

Staying focused in whatever business or personal goal you are working is a first step. Not letting outside distractions and negative influences consume you and keeping life in balance with your body, mind and soul is essential.

Keep your next goal in clear sight.  I’ll be waiting for you and cheering you on as you cross the finish line!

(Excerpt from Michele Modellas’s chapter in #1 Best Seller, Smart Women Live Their Why with Sheri McConnell Keys.)