Overcoming with a 3-D View

October 28, 2016 | Michele Modellas

Overcoming with a 3-D View

It was a morning like any other morning and I was about to start my work day in my at-home-office.  But, before starting the day, I headed out to Starbucks, in my Toyota Celica, for a chai tea latte. I ordered my beverage, got back into my car, took the first delicious sip before putting the cup in the cup holder. I began to head home.  I didn’t get very far before I noticed a Suburban heading toward me in MY lane.  It’s by the grace of God I could think and reason as I did.  I honked to get her attention, hoping she would get out of my lane. She continued in my lane. I thought if I swerve and go right, into the ditch, she wouldn’t kill me by hitting me head on…That was the last thought I remember before I felt a BIG thug, feeling as if slow motion movement of violent force of forward and backward jerking with my body and hearing what sounded like underwater girgling sounds.

Then as if I could hear an audible voice speaking to me, I heard the words, Open Your Eyes, You Have to be OK!  Open Your Eyes!  As I opened my eyes I then heard a loud, fast, zinging sound and could feel a vibration that started from one side of my head to the other.  (I later realized it was my brain banging around in my skull and the doctor would identify a brain bleed and trauma that would result in about 18 months of recovery.) When the paramedics arrived, they got right to work with Jaws of Life to cut me out of the car and get me to the hospital.

Has your daily plan ever been altered? Have your life plans ever been Interrupted?

In life, we all face Interruptions which come in many forms:  Relationship Changes, Financial changes, Health Issues, Job Changes, and a host of others.

We can CHOOSE to view the Interruptions as opportunity for growth – We all have a choice.  And our choice creates opportunity for growthGrowth occurs when your outlook on an Interruption is set on what will Move You Forward.  I’m not discounting the reality of the interruption.  I understand interruptions are real!

An Ironman triathlete friend of mine shared three words with me one day ~ Dedication, Determination, Domination.  I discovered there is a “3-D” process that can be applied to many areas of life. It’s when we Set our Minds on this 3-D View that we say the interruption will not Stop My Progress or Pursuit.  It may cause a delay, but my Mind is Made Up!

Be Dedicated – to yourself and what’s important to you.

Be Determined – to do everything necessary to continue moving forward and not let the interruption take you out.  Nothing will hold you back from pursuing what you want.

Be so passionate to Dominate anything that gets in your way that tries to prevent you from having the life you want.