I Have A Destiny

October 27, 2016 | Michele Modellas

I Have A Destiny

Life without challenges…  Does that even exist?  Navigating our way through work we enjoy, spending time with family, volunteering and giving of ourselves to the causes that matter to us all take their rightful place in our life. It’s the balancing act of a Life Interruption, as I like to call it, is when we are faced with knowing if we are truly thriving in life or just existing.

I can remember back to 2006 when the “order” in my life was ravished.  Within about six weeks, my mother passed away, my main client contract abruptly ended, and I was in a divorce process from a twenty-three year marriage.  I questioned who I was, what my purpose was and how on earth could I possibly face all these challenges?  To be completely transparent, there were days I wanted to just give up!  Facing another day of all that was involved during that time in my life was too much for me to face…alone.

Through a lot of support from amazing people in my life, I realized A New Thing and Big Plans were the new order for my life. And, it was words from dear friends like, “You are much more than your kids’ mother and a wife, you have so much to offer and to give others”, that encouraged me to press on.  I read a book by Sheila Walsh and could so closely relate when she said, “For many years I applied an anesthetic to my soul, only to discover that you cannot be selective about which parts of your life you deaden. When you choose to contain pain, you contain joy too.”  I had to fight the deadening numbness, CHOOSE to have hope and I soon had a NEW drive and outlook on life.

Emotional numbness is a tough place to be.  We can appear to be involved in life and work and our hearts can grow numb.  In that numbness, we can begin to accept life that way as normal.  We can become desensitized and complacent. However, in the midst of what looks like devastation, Inspiration can be infused in your season of life… if you allow it.

How is your daily life being managed? 

Do you realize you can shift out of a devastating “comfort zone”, and start living the life you are designed for?  The life that is just waiting for the birth of fresh and amazing ideas, adventures and Living NOW?  YES, you can!  You can make a difference!

YOU have an awesome destiny ahead of you – Press on, Press in and Press through. The rewards to Living Now and Living out YOUR Destiny are so much greater than staying in the place you call comfortable!