February 6, 2018

The Easy Way Out is to Quit

It’s easy to give in to a Set Back…but we didn’t come here to be average Not everything works out as we want. But, our goals and our dreams don’t care how we feel.   Do you get discouraged and want to say “forget it” when you are working on a goal and experience a set […]


October 29, 2016

To the Finish Line… Prepared ~ Encouraged ~ Determined

It goes without saying that struggles, challenges and just plain life can come up against you when you are on course. It’s those times when you have to keep moving at your pace and not compare yourself to anyone else.  Maintain your integrity, keep your passion and purpose.  I hold close this mantra I made […]


October 28, 2016

Overcoming with a 3-D View

It was a morning like any other morning and I was about to start my work day in my at-home-office.  But, before starting the day, I headed out to Starbucks, in my Toyota Celica, for a chai tea latte. I ordered my beverage, got back into my car, took the first delicious sip before putting […]